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What packaging can be used as an alternative?
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Paper, plastic, metal and glass are the four traditional packaging materials, among which paper packaging and plastic packaging occupy the dominant position, but Plastic Packaging Waste is difficult to degrade in the natural environment. Especially disposable fast food boxes and portable shopping bags. Thy are large, scattered, messy, polluting the environment and damaging the ecological balance.


Paper packaging is recognized as green and environmental protection packaging, widely used in all kinds of food, industrial products packaging. Data show that after the plastic limit is expected to produce thousands of tons of food paper and cardboard demand, the current annual output of food packaging paper and cardboard is about 2 million tons, the paper industry is actively expanding capacity, can meet the market demand after the plastic limit.


At present, more mature alternative products include paper bags, paper boxes, paper straws, paper cups, paper lunch boxes, etc. Paper package have the advantages of recyclability, re pulping and degradability. They can be degraded under industrial composting conditions or natural conditions.


Dongguan Henghui Packing Products Co., Ltd is established in 2002,located in Dongguan,Guangdong. Our products are covering the paper bag/paper box/greeting card/catalog and garment tag. In the past 20 years, we established a sound production and quality management system and passed the certificates of ISO9001,FSC,ICTI. Our products actively respond to the call for environmental protection and recycling.

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