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H&H PACKING was founded in 2002

We provide a consistent production process, Computer-To-Plate (CTP), printing, lamination, embossing, bag converting, and even delivery. We have continually invested in state of the art equipment to enhance print quality and strengthen our own competitiveness, pioneering many aspects in the industry. This includes: pre-press CTP, heidelberg 5C, 4C and 2C printing press, environmentally friendly water based lamination machine, fully automatic bag making machines for various bag specification, automatic embossing machines. Our comprehensive facilities place us at the forefront of the industry. In terms of production capacity, we exceed the capacity of other manufacturers with 10 bag making machines and 3 printers which provide a monthly output of million bags. It also ensure a proper quality and adherence to delivery dates


  • What is the role of packaging in business activities?

    Packaging is an indispensable part of commodities. Reflect the practical function of packaging design, wrap goods with appropriate materials and processes, and realize the protection function of goods; The process treatment of the surface reflects the artistic of packaging, which refers to decorating goods and realizing the sales function of goods.
  • What is the attitude of other countries towards “Plastic Limit”?

    According to the statistics of the International Energy Agency (IEA), in the past 5 years, more than 60 countries have imposed bans or taxes on disposable plastics, and major economies such as the European Union, the United States and China have even begun to upgrade the "plastic restriction " to "plastic prohibition ". The EU (European Union)passed a decree on waste control in 2018. According to the decree, since 2021, the EU will completely prohibit member states from using 10 kinds of disposable plastic products such as drinking tubes, tableware and cotton sticks. These products will be replaced by paper, straw or reusable hard plastics. Plastic bottles will be collected separately according to the existing recycling mode; By 2025, the recovery rate of disposable plastic bottles in Member States is required to reach 90%. At the same time, the bill also requires manufacturers to take more responsibility for their plastic products and packaging.
  • Why do we advocate paper packaging and release a

    Data research shows that ↓1.the world consumes an average of 1 million plastic bags per minute2.The total consumption of plastics in the world is 400 million tons per year3.At present, only 14% of plastic packaging in the world is recycled,Only 10% of them were effectively recovered Every year, more than 100000 marine animals die because they are entangled in plastic bags or eat plastic bags by mistake. Their living space is occupied by garbage and their food is filled with garbage. One piece of garbage may lead to the extinction of marine lifeThe degradation time of these plastic bags thrown into the sea takes 200 ~ 1000 years. Plastic landfill occupies a lot of land, and the occupied land soil is polluted and can not be recovered for a long time. About 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year. Where did the plastic waste you threw away end up?About 8 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean every year. Scientists once published an article in the British Journal Scientific Report that more than 80000 tons of waste are floating in the Pacific Garbage patches, mainly plastic bottles, plastic bags and other plastic products. These "plastic monsters" cover an area of nearly 1.6 million square kilometers, which is shocking!!!
  • What packaging can be used as an alternative?

    Paper, plastic, metal and glass are the four traditional packaging materials, among which paper packaging and plastic packaging occupy the dominant position, but Plastic Packaging Waste is difficult to degrade in the natural environment. Especially disposable fast food boxes and portable shopping bags. Thy are large, scattered, messy, polluting the environment and damaging the ecological balance. Paper packaging is recognized as green and environmental protection packaging, widely used in all kinds of food, industrial products packaging. Data show that after the plastic limit is expected to produce thousands of tons of food paper and cardboard demand, the current annual output of food packaging paper and cardboard is about 2 million tons, the paper industry is actively expanding capacity, can meet the market demand after the plastic limit. At present, more mature alternative products include paper bags, paper boxes, paper straws, paper cups, paper lunch boxes, etc. Paper package have the advantages of recyclability, re pulping and degradability. They can be degraded under industrial composting conditions or natural conditions. Dongguan Henghui Packing Products Co., Ltd is established in 2002,located in Dongguan,Guangdong. Our products are covering the paper bag/paper box/greeting card/catalog and garment tag. In the past 20 years, we established a sound production and quality management system and passed the certificates of ISO9001,FSC,ICTI. Our products actively respond to the call for environmental protection and recycling.
  • Updated PANTONE color ticket (add 348 colors)

    PANTONE swatches with designated colors and color accuracy that are universal worldwide have become an indispensable reference tool for the printing industry.In the new year of 2021,HH packing also updated the main color tickets for spot color printing (348 colors added). GG1507A metallic color ticket (color card starting with 8 + color number starting with 10), a complete series of 655 metallic colors, including 54 new colors close to the popular and market, plus a new rose gold base ink.GP1601A presents all 2,161 market-oriented spot colors (add 294 popular new colors compared with the old swatches).HH packing believes that if we keep going, we will always see hope.
  • Facing the new situation, How to use paper packaging in business activities?

    Supermarkets and shopping malls no longer provide free plastic bags, restaurants and hotels no longer take the initiative to provide disposable plastic products, and then implement garbage classification in various places. In recent years, the concept of green environmental protection has become more and more popular. Compared with the degradable plastics industry, the substitution of paper products has more cost advantages. The research of some relevant institutions shows that paper products are cheap and easy to decay. Recycling can save wood and is the best substitute. Paper products have sufficient production capacity and mature production technology .Paper packing products are widely used in the garment and food industries, Common paper materials are Kraft paper(used for food, 3C digital products, gift boxes ) /Corrugated paper/ Art paper( mainly used for the packaging of cosmetics, food, drugs and other high-end products)/Black cardboard(used for gold stamp, silver stamp and other processes)/Ivory board(commonly used to make pharmaceutical boxes, cosmetic boxes) Dongguan Henghui Packing Products Co., Ltd can provide you with the above alternative sizes and material to meet various products .You can customize your packaging according to your needs. Many surface treatment processes can choose, such as hot stamping, UV, offset printing, watermark printing etc, can print all kinds of patterns and logo. We have clean production workshop, multiple automatic bag-making machine, we can provide you fast production and low price.