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Facing the new situation, How to use paper packaging in business activities?
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Supermarkets and shopping malls no longer provide free plastic bags, restaurants and hotels no longer take the initiative to provide disposable plastic products, and then implement garbage classification in various places. In recent years, the concept of green environmental protection has become more and more popular.


Compared with the degradable plastics industry, the substitution of paper products has more cost advantages. The research of some relevant institutions shows that paper products are cheap and easy to decay. Recycling can save wood and is the best substitute. Paper products have sufficient production capacity and mature production technology .

Paper packing products are widely used in the garment and food industries, Common paper materials are Kraft paper(used for food, 3C digital products, gift boxes ) /Corrugated paper/ Art paper( mainly used for the packaging of cosmetics, food, drugs and other high-end products)/Black cardboard(used for gold stamp, silver stamp and other processes)/Ivory board(commonly used to make pharmaceutical boxes, cosmetic boxes)


Dongguan Henghui Packing Products Co., Ltd can provide you with the above alternative sizes and material to meet various products .You can customize your packaging according to your needs. Many surface treatment processes can choose, such as hot stamping, UV, offset printing, watermark printing etc, can print all kinds of patterns and logo. We have clean production workshop, multiple automatic bag-making machine, we can provide you fast production and low price.


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